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Rash Specialist

Dealing with a rash is not easy since it can result in a significant amount of discomfort as well as embarrassment especially when the rash is in a noticeable area. Even though rashes are not considered a serious issue, it might be related to an underlying health issue. Treatment for such rashes is provided by Dr. Chakrabarti at Homer Glen, Illinois.


About Rash

When an area of your skin is inflamed, the condition is known as rash, and it essentially indicates an underlying health issue. While several rashes are painful, red, itchy and irritated, and some of them can cause raw skin patches or blisters as well, other kinds result in allergies and irritating substances. Note that some particular genes can make you more susceptible to develop rashes.
One of the most frequently reported types of rashes is the contact dermatitis that causes itching, redness, and small bumps at times. The rashes surface when you are to touch an allergen, such as the poison ivy, or an irritant like a chemical.
Though some rashes occur instantly, others take several days to manifest and while most of the rashes disappear pretty quickly, the rest tend to persist requiring long-term treatment. As the rashes can happen from many different things, it would be advisable that you visit Suburban Wellness in Homer Glen to determine precisely what type you are suffering from before the treatment commences. Apart from Homer Glen, we also cover Lockport, Orland Park, Mokena, Lisle, Frankfort and other nearby areas.

Rash Q & A

What are the common symptoms of a rash?

Rashes vary based on their appearance. Your rash will be examined by Dr. Chakrabarti and she will conduct the treatment procedure based on the following factors.

  • Location of the rash
  • Size of the patches, spots or bumps
  • Colour (reddish or white)
  • Soreness or itchiness
  • Flat patches, spots or bumps

Dr. Chakrabarti shall also check out the possibility of any other symptoms such as nausea or fever that will help in finding the exact cause of the rash.

What are the causes of a rash?

There are several reasons for a rash. Your skin may break out resulting in a rash due to bacteria, fungal and viral infections. The rash can also appear from skin conditions including psoriasis or eczema that occurs on a chronic basis. Allergic reactions to certain substances might also result in skin rashes. You may be allergic to substances such as plants, foods, medications, chemicals as well as other allergens. The rash might also appear from autoimmune disorders which is an underlying medical condition.

When will you need medical care?

The mild rashes tend to disappear on their own. However, medical attention must be given to some other rashes. You must get yourself checked by Dr. Chakrabarti if you experience any of the following:

  • Rash affecting your eyes.
  • Rash getting worse or lasting for several days
  • Skin infection occurring (redness, pus and warm sensation around the affected area)
  • Rash occurring with shortness of breath, lightheadedness, stiff neck and high fever

The risk of having diabetes also increases when you age and therefore it is important to get diagnosed so that proper management can be done at the right time.

What treatment is required for the rash?

The treatment depends on the type of rash as well as the cause behind it. After carefully diagnosing the rash, Dr. Chakrabarti shall discuss with you all the treatment options. The diagnosis will show what methods must be adopted as such, should the rash be left alone to pass on its own, or if an ointment must be applied, or any antibiotics is required or if there is a need to treat an underlying medical condition.