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Blood Pressure Specialist

High blood pressure is associated with risk of severe health issues such as heart attack and stroke. Keeping high blood pressure in check with medications and proper lifestyle is an important task. Dr. Chakrabarti offers such treatment in Homer Glen, Illinois.

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About High Blood Pressure

When the pressure exerted by blood in your vessels becomes higher than the normal range, the medical condition is called high blood pressure. It is also known by the term silent killer as high blood pressure does not exhibit any warning symptoms or signs most of the time.
Diabetes significantly increases the odds of stroke and heart disease, which are, as a matter of fact, two of the major causes of mortality in the country. About one in every three American adults, that is, a whopping seventy million people in the USA are diagnosed with high blood pressure and only 54% or a little over half of them have it under control. Many young individuals experience incidences of high blood pressure as well.
It is of paramount importance to monitor your blood pressure on a periodic basis by visiting our state-of-the-art primary care services in Homer Glen. The good thing is that you can learn how to prevent or manage it effectively by just coming to our center and having an elaborate discussion with the doctor. In addition to Homer Glen, we cater to Lockport, Orland Park, Mokena, Lisle, Frankfort and other adjacent places as well.

Blood Pressure Q & A

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

There are no symptoms of high blood pressure until later on. Such a condition is prevalent among young people also and it might be left untreated because of lack of knowledge. The symptoms of high blood pressure would include difficulty in breathing, nosebleed and headaches. When you experience such symptoms it becomes necessary to get your blood pressure checked and receive emergency medical care.

How would you know if you have high blood pressure?

When you realise that there is a difference in your breathing and you are experiencing a lot of headaches, you must get your blood pressure checked. Dr. Chakrabarti will take your blood pressure reading and check if it is too high. Normal blood pressure readings are 120/80. When your blood pressure level is found out to be high, Dr. Chakrabarti will talk to you about how to keep it in check. The chance of high blood pressure increases when you age but it may affect you even when you are young.

What are the risk factor for high blood pressure?

The risk factors of high blood pressure indicates that there is a high chance of suffering from it when compared to other people. The risk increases in the following cases.

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • smoking and drinking
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Family history
  • Underlying medical condition
  • Improper diet
  • Chronic stress
What are the causes of high blood pressure?

It is often not possible to determine the exact causes of high high blood pressure. This is prevalent when you are suffering from primary hypertension. Primary hypertension develops gradually over the years. Secondary hypertension usually occurs when you have a medical condition that affects your blood pressure which includes thyroid problems and kidney disorders.

How will you manage high blood pressure condition?

To keep your blood pressure within acceptable range, Dr. Chakrabarti shall discuss ways and treatments procedures with you. You might be required to be take medications as well as follow a healthy lifestyle. Proper guidance with regard to diet and exercise will also be provided to you by Dr. Chakrabarti that will help you in managing your high blood pressure.