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Headache Specialist

Even though headaches are common, it is not normal to experience one frequently. If you experience recurring headaches that cause severe pain, then it tends to affect your daily activities. Dr. Sudarsana Chakrabarti, MD offers treatment for headaches at Homer Glen, Illinois.


About Headache

Among the most general disorders affecting our nervous system, migraines and headaches are the most frequently treated health conditions across the globe. More than fifteen in every hundred Americans experience migraines or severe headaches, with a twofold prevalence among women when compared to the same among men. Interestingly, younger people in the USA are more likely to complain about such medical problems, as the prevalence of those issues is found to be distinctly lesser among the individuals aged sixty-five or more.
About twenty-seven in every hundred Americans diagnosed with migraine symptoms disclosed that their migraines usually persist from as little as one to as much as three days. Standard signs of migraine include head pain, sensitivity to light, throbbing pain, and fatigue. Several external factors, such as stress, weather conditions, or smells often act as triggers for headaches, particularly migraines, along with the most typically reported comorbidities to the latter, inclusive of diabetes, hypertension, and depression.
If you are experiencing intense and recurring headaches, you should consider scheduling an appointment with us as early as possible for availing the very best health care treatment and diagnosis in Illinois without any delay. Catering to the patients of Homer Glen, Lockport, Orland Park, Mokena, Lisle, Frankfort and other nearby areas, we are equipped with advanced infrastructure, and offers the ultimate experience in clinical pain management.

Headache Q & A

What are the symptoms of a headache?

Headaches can appear in several ways. You may experience a dull pain all over your head that may last for a few hours or even more, or you may even have to deal with a sharp pain that appears in one part of your head (back area, temple). The pain tends to increase if you move in a particular way, such as if you bend your head down. In case of migraine pain, you might have to experience severe pain on any one side of your head. The pain might be accompanied by nausea, blurry vision as well as sensitivity to light, smell and sound.

How many types of headaches are present?

The following are types of headaches.

  • Migraines - These causes severe pain for a few hours or more.
  • Tension headaches - These causes mild discomfort in your head.
  • Cluster headaches - These headaches occur in patterns and cause pain only on one side of your head.
  • Secondary headaches - These result from medical conditions including sinusitis or high blood pressure.
Why would I get headaches?

Headaches appear from a change in the chemical activity of the brain or the problems caused by the nerves and muscles in the head and neck area. Headaches may also develop from certain activities such as strenuous exercise or exposure to environmental heat. Some foods, drinks and stress also tend to trigger a headache. Dr. Chakrabarti shall evaluate your headaches and conduct necessary tests and then determine the course of action that is required.

When would I need treatment for headaches?

When you experience headaches occasionally, then there might not be any need to get yourself checked. However, some headaches must be treated at the right time otherwise it can pose a hindrance to regular activities. You must get yourself examined by Dr. Chakrabarti if you frequently experience headaches, or if the headaches causes severe pain over time.

What kind of treatment is required for headaches?

The treatment will depend on the nature of your headache and its causes. Dr. Chakrabarti shall even recommend over-the-counter medications for your headaches. She shall also guide you with advice about how you can reduce the headaches which includes habits such as limiting caffeine intake and managing stress.